"I hope, I pray, for Hester to win just one more "A", The sadder-but-wiser girl's the girl for me." - Meredith Willson - The Music Man

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A Brief History of The Music Man

The Music Man produced by Kermit Bloomgarden with Herbert Greene in association with Frank Productions, Inc., opened at the Majestic Theatre in New York City on 19 December 1957. The show ran for 1,375 performances.

The Original Cast:

The Music Man was originally recorded on 29 December, 1957, and was released on 20 January 1958. The album debuted on the Billboard charts on 24 February 1958. it held the #1 spot on the charts for 12 weeks, and remained on the Billboard charts for a total of 245 weeks.

The Movie: Warner Brothers released The Music Man in 1962. Morton Da Costa directed the film and Robert Preston reprised his role as Prof. Harold Hill. Shirley Jones played Marian. Ronny Howard played Winthrop.
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