Dogged Research Associates


Welcome to the Dogged Research Associates web pages. Several years ago when we were trying to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up (we had just turned 40), we decided that we really wanted to do research in the areas that interested us at the time. We are trained as engineers but have interests in everything from etymology, music, dance, archeology, history, cooking, art, literature, James Bond, and whatever happens to be the subject of the book we are reading. As a result, we formed Dogged Research Associates as a business we could gradually build. Our business cards say ”Specializing in esoteric and eclectic subjects,” which pretty much sums it up. “Dogged,” of course, means tenacious, persistent, stubborn, not willing to give up, which we think are good traits for a researcher. (For more information on the word “dogged” please see The Toad’s Words Excursus #15.)

Here we provide links to our web sites. These include:

The Toad’s Words – Excursions into the World of Words,

The VanBlaricum History and Genealogy Pages,

The Music Man Information and History Pages,

The Ian Fleming Foundation web pages.

Please feel free to contact us with comments and questions.

Michael L. VanBlaricum, Ph.D.

Pamela C. VanBlaricum, Ph.D.

Revised: December 11, 2009